SOBERMAX's Science

What is Sober-Max?  The current sample is a combination of 2 proprietary blends that chemically effect the influence of alcohol on the human body depending on when ingested.

How often is it taken? Depending on intended effect, a Sober-Max tablet can be taken prior to alcohol consumption with the result of reducing alcohol intoxication and lowering BAC.  A tablet taken after alchohol consumption will eliminate the "hangover effect"

Mechanism of Action: When taken prior to alcohol consumption, the active ingredients mimic alcohol dehydrogenase to increase the individuals ability to regain sobriety.

When taken after alcohol consumption, the active ingredients prevent alcohol's toxic effects by blocking the enzymatic activities of the alcohol metabolites conversion to toxic substance responsible for such ill effects as nausia, headache, and vomiting. 

What is Sober-Max made from? All natural ingredients that are proven to be exceptionally safe for human consumption:  vitamins, minerals, fruit extract powders and culinary herbs and oils.  Combined ingredients symbiotically react to enhance effects. All ingredients are approved by the FDA under GRAS certification and are regarded as safe.

Who developed Sober-Max? Dr. Steve Whang has spent the past 3 decades researching the field of alcohol metabolism and nutraceuticals.  He is a practicing phamacist and former professor of Nutraceutical Sciences. Dr. Whang's academic background and research work can be found at:

Testing: Positive field tests during the last several years have been performed in Europe, Asia and the United States.


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